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Thankful4Farmers Grant to Soils for Life CRC

Thankful4Farmers remains committed to investing in organisations to create long-term sustainable change in regional and rural areas affecting

  • the farmer;

  • the farm;

  • and the farming community.

We are delighted to announce that Thankful4Farmers has allocated a grant to Soils for Life CRC.

Funding will be used to create an educational video that outlines;

  • the importance of soil for agriculture, the environment and the economy

  • the opportunity that exists in farming practices that regenerate soils and landscapes

  • the stories of the innovators who are already doing it

  • the story of how soil made it to the national agenda

  • and what we need to do now (ie harness national momentum to support farmers on the ground to do more than just stem the damage, but to learn from the innovators and actually repair soils and landscapes) Measurement will include media metrics, school and industry engagement.


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