Our Impact


how we deliver impact 

Thankful4Farmers has 3 areas of focus for delivering impact


The Farm

Investment in research, technology and sustainable agricultural practises


The Farmer

Delivering services and solutions to address critical health and wellness needs


The Farming Community

Identify resources and infrastructure needed to enable communities to thrive and grow

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thankful4farmers grant to  Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal

Funding will be used specifically for the Networks to Build Drought Resilience and Drought Resilience Leaders, supporting remote, rural and regional communities to prepare for the impacts of drought.


The program will help people in agricultural communities to develop skills, participate in risk management planning, and foster projects that encourage connectedness and improve wellbeing.


It will also support small-scale infrastructure projects to make community facilities drought resilient to increase overall wellbeing and reduce social isolation.


We are working closely with the team at FRRR to develop measurement metrics to understand both short and long term impact of this initiative.

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thankful4farmers grant to  Soils for Life

Funding will be used to create an educational video that outlines;

  • the importance of soil for agriculture, the environment and the economy

  • the opportunity that exists in farming practices that regenerate soils and landscapes

  • the stories of the innovators who are already doing it

  • the story of how soil made it to the national agenda

  • and what we need to do now (ie harness national momentum to support farmers on the ground to do more than just stem the damage, but to learn from the innovators and actually repair soils and landscapes). 

Measurement will include media metrics, school and industry engagement.

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Please click here to find out more about how you can apply for funding from T4F

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thankful farmacy

The Thankful Farmacy will help Australians access nutritious food for improved health outcomes. 


Located in health care facilities,  the Farmacy provides families facing food insecurity and also those suffering nutrition related illnesses, with access to groceries and fresh produce for their household all year round.   


The Thankful Farmacy helps overcome the 3 barriers to good nutrition:

  1. Affordability = price gap 

  2. Availability = distance gap 

  3. Acceptability = knowledge gap 


To deliver Nutritious Food with Dignity

please donate to thankful4farmers

Your donation allows us to deliver real impact across technology, health & wellness and communities for farmers and rural communities.

  • Investing in research and technology to create sustainable transformational impact.

  • Delivering services and solutions to address critical health & wellness needs

  • Identifying resources and infrastructure needed to enable communities to thrive and grow.

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our commitment to a better world

Thankful4Farmers is an initiative by Thankful.  Thankful’s mission is to create a healthy and positive world.


Thankful is based on the science-backed principle that practicing gratitude increases overall individual happiness and can improve mental health & wellness.

The Thankful initiatives are designed to enable brands and consumers to engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to improve our world, now and for generations to come.

Our Thankful4Farmers Initiative focuses on delivering these SDG goals;