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The new GAP Year

have fun, earn money
get outta town

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Each year Australian farmers rely on overseas seasonal workers and backpackers to help harvest the fruit and vegetables that land on our plates.  Our regional and rural communities also rely on a similar workforce to manage the increased demand during peak seasons.


But COVID has closed our borders - Australia's fruit and vegetable farmers need seasonal workers to harvest their crops and our communities need workers for hospitality venues.

Without this workforce crops will be wasted, there'll be less on our shelves, prices may rise and next year’s harvest may be compromised.


That’s why Thankful4Farmers has launched The NEW GAP Year, calling on school leavers and young Aussies to create an alternative rite-of-passage - to Go And Pick (helping the agriculture industry) and to Go And Pour (helping the hospitality industry).  Travelling around the country for the adventure of a lifetime, helping save the livelihoods of farmers and communities facing unparalleled labour shortages as a result of COVID and helping put food and drinks on the tables of Aussie families.


Start your New GAP Year adventure click here

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Featured employers


Some labour partners have committed additional support for this important initiative.  If you’d like to find out more about them and jump straight to their job listings, please click on the links below.

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About APG Workforce

APG Workforce is one of Australia’s leading national workforce management companies. We offer labour hire, permanent recruitment & temporary recruitment services.


Much more than just a recruitment agency, APG provides a comprehensive workforce management service, partnering with some of Australia’s leading companies as well as with smaller organisations, with sites throughout Australia. Included in APG costs we take care of PAYG, Superannuation, VISA checks, Pre-employment medical questionnaire, Calculating & Payment of Wages in accordance with appropriate Award, Timesheets/Payslips along with a host of other statutory requirements so that you can get on with looking after your crops & livestock.

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