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Thankful4Farmers Grant to Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal (FRRR)

Thankful4Farmers remains committed to investing in organisations to create long-term sustainable change in regional and rural areas affecting

  • the farmer;

  • the farm;

  • and the farming community.

We are delighted to announce that Thankful4Farmers has allocated a grant to FRRR.

Funding will be used specifically for the Networks to Build Drought Resilience and Drought Resilience Leaders, supporting remote, rural and regional communities to prepare for the impacts of drought. The program will help people in agricultural communities to develop skills, participate in risk management planning, and foster projects that encourage connectedness and improve wellbeing.

It will also support small-scale infrastructure projects to make community facilities drought resilient to increase overall wellbeing and reduce social isolation. We are working closely with the team at FRRR to develop measurement metrics to understand both short and long term impact of this initiative.


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