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Fresh from the Farmers, Direct to Your Door

Launching the Thankful4Farmers Market Box

It's the farm gate at your fingertips, connecting you directly to the fields of local farmers.

The Thankful4Farmers Market Box is filled with delicious fresh seasonal produce, as well as milk, bread, eggs and more.

Purchase your Thankful4Farmers Market Box, AND support our Aussie Farmers who work hard to put food the tables of every Australian family every day…3 times a day.

When you purchase the Thankful4Farmers Market Box, you’ll be serving your family delicious and nutritious produce, AND you’ll be supporting our Aussie Farmers.

Because money raised from every box sold goes directly to the Thankful4Farmers initiative which is raising funds to support sustainable agriculture and regional and rural communities and by shopping with Your Food Collective you are already paying a greater return to the farmer's back pocket!

For more information about Thankful4Farmers products, please visit

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