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“once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman.
every single day, three times a day, you need a farmer”

Thankful4Farmers values the essential role of farmers as the backbone of our food system.

We recognise and appreciate their vital dual role as custodians of the land and front-line environmentalists, who work tirelessly to provide nutritious food for us and protect and restore our natural resources.

Thankful4Farmers about

Thankful4Farmers celebrates the incredible diversity and quality of produce, and the hardworking farmers who produce it for us.  By bridging the gap from farm gate to dinner plate, we aim to ignite a local and global conversation that recognises the vital role farmers play in feeding the world and reversing the impact of climate change through climate-smart and regenerative farming practices.


Farmers today face unprecedented challenges, including harsh climatic conditions, reduced investment, trade wars, tariffs, evolving consumer expectations, and agricultural labour shortages.


That's why Thankful4Farmers is a collaborative initiative that brings together industries, brands, influencers, and consumers in a united effort to amplify awareness and generate scalable funding to support sustainable agriculture and regional communities.


Through our collaborative efforts, we can ensure that farmers receive the recognition and support they deserve, both for their essential work in feeding the world and their crucial role in safeguarding our planet.

how we work

how we work

Thankful4Farmers is committed to funding initiatives to address systemic challenges facing agriculture and rural communities in Australia. 



Thankful4Farmers partners with brands to co-brand products, services or experiences, to raise money to support Australian farming and regional communities


Local Organisational & Charity Partners



90% of all money generated by Thankful4Farmers co-brand product partners goes to fund programs and initiatives to support local farming, regional and rural communities

how we deliver impact 

Thankful4Farmers has 3 areas of focus for delivering impact

Thankful4Farmers farm

The Farm

Investment in research, technology and sustainable agricultural practises

Thankful4Farmers farmer

The Farmer

Delivering services and solutions to address critical health and wellness needs

Thankful4Farmers farming community

The Farming Community

Identify resources and infrastructure needed to enable communities to thrive and grow

Matt Moran Thankful4Farmers ambassador

our ambassador matt moran

As a pioneer in Australia of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy, Matt Moran is a firm believer in the importance of consumers being connected to the source of their food.

Matt is also a fourth generation farmer who still owns and operates a farm to this day. Matt’s passion for fresh, seasonal food, is more than lip service. With his strong connections to the land, Matt’s many restaurants champion the very best in Australian produce.


With over 30 stellar years in the food industry behind him, a plethora of awards to his name, a handful of best-selling cookbooks under his belt, television presenter on some of Australia’s best loved cooking shows and co-owner of Australia’s most celebrated dining establishments; it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Australian food icon.  Matt Moran is Thankful4Farmers.

take action

- you can make all the difference


as a consumer

Look for the Thankful4Farmers logo on products on supermarket shelves, on menus in restaurants and cafés across Australia.

With every product you purchase with the Thankful4Farmers logo, you will be demonstrating your support and commitment to Australian farming and regional communities.

Can’t find products in your super market?  Use the #Thankful4Farmers to tell your local supermarket that you are Thankful4Farmers and they should be too!


as a brand

Show your customers that your brand is Thankful4Farmers and committed to supporting Australian agriculture and regional communities.

It’s simple:

  • Decide to be Thankful4Farmers

  • Pick a meaningful product or products from your current line-up to co-brand. A portion of sales go directly to the Thankful4Farmers initiative

  • Help change the world...

Contact us now to become a Thankful4Farmers Product Partner


as a sponsor

Where it is not possible for organisations to co-brand product, you can still show your commitment to Australian farming and regional communities through sponsorship opportunities.

To learn more about how you can be a Thankful4Farmers sponsor and our sponsorship packages, contact us now.

take action

please donate to thankful4farmers

Your donation allows us to deliver real impact across technology, health & wellness and communities for farmers and rural communities.

  • Investing in research and technology to create sustainable transformational impact.

  • Delivering services and solutions to address critical health & wellness needs

  • Identifying resources and infrastructure needed to enable communities to thrive and grow.

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